miercuri, 19 octombrie 2016

At 87, a man has 97 wives in Nigeria. "God gave me a mission on earth"

A Nigerian man who has 97 wives, says he feels more alive than ever and that it is ready for new partners.

Mohammed Bello Abubakar is known in his country because he had more than 100 wives and 185 children. He also had problems with the authorities because of this, police say he created a cult.

Mohammed it has a opposite view and says that everything he does is God's will. The man, aged 87, has agreed to give an interview after the local media published information that would have died.

"I'm alive and I feel more alive than ever. My mission it is not over. What I do is divine," said the man.

According to press reports, the man had been married to more than107 women, but he divorced of 10 The law does not allow him to have more than 4 wives at the same time.

"God asked me to do it. I don`t have a great number of wives, just 97. I intend to take some more. I feel great," also said the man.